Fliptastic Gymnastics is the premiere gymnastics and tumbling progam in SW Oklahoma. We offer classes in gymnastics, cheerleading, and tumbling for ages 2 and up. Gymnastics is a great activity to foster growth in the fitness ABC's-Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed.

Welcome to Fliptastic Gymnastics

Lawton Public Schools Cheer Tryouts are right around the corner! Are you ready? Come prepare with us! Coach Justin, Coach Marshall and Miss Ebbie will be there to help you with your cheer, jumps and tumbling!

Tuesday  (March 27) and Thursday (March 29) : 7:30-8:30 pm  
Friday (March 30): 6:30-8:00 pm

$20 per night!

See you there!




2017  Gymnastics and Tumbling Classes

Tuition:  1 class per week (4 hours per month)-   $53 per month

               2 classes per week (8 hours per month)- $90 per month

               Annual Registration Fee-  $25

            :  Classes are 1 hour in length

                Fliptastic offers higher level classes and has USAG and AAU competition teams as well.

                Students are evaluated by the staff for placement in these classes.


Current Regular 1 hour classes

                                  Parent and Tot    (ages 20 months-3 yrs.)           Wednesday-5:30 pm      

                                  Tiny Tumblers    (ages 3 & 4)                                Tuesday- 5:30 pm, Thursday-5;30 PM

                                    Jr. Gym    (ages 5 & 6)                                         Monday 530 PM, Tuesday- 5:30 pm, Thursday- 6:30 pm

                                   Flippers (ages 7 & up)                                          Monday or Wednesday- 5:30 pm, Tuesday  6:30 pm


                                   Beginning Tumbling (ages 7 & up)                      Tuesday- 5:30 PM, Wednesday- 5:30 PM

 :                                 Intermediate Tumbling                                          Tuesday- 6:30 PM, Wednesday- 6:30 PM

                                    Advanced Tumbling                                              Wednesday- 7:30 PM







Our mission at Fliptastic Gymnastics is to play an active role in the development of healthy, confident, disciplined and respectful children. We accomplish this by:

•Setting goals and establishing a foundation for success
•Helping children realize their self-worth and abilities
•Helping children develop and refine the life-long skills of self-esteem, work ethic, and goal setting