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Welcome to Fliptastic Gymnastics

 Where Character Matters!!

Fliptastic is OPEN on Thursday, March 5.

Monday classes for March will be the 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. 

Fliptastic is open during Spring Break.

Please note:  Fliptastic class schedule is based on 4 classes per month (1 per week) for $53 tuition.  Thank you

 Current Class Schedule


3 & 4 yrs. Beginning Gymnastics (1 hour class)


 Tuesday            5:30 PM      

 Wednesday      6:30 PM 

Friday                        5:30 PM

5 & 6 yrs. Beginning Gymnastics (1 hour class)

Tuesday            5:30 PM     

Wednesday       5:30 PM

  Friday           4:30 PM

Beginning Gymnastics for ages 7 and up (1 hour class)


Monday          5:30 PM  

Tuesday         6:30 PM  

Wednesday    5:30 PM  

 Thursday       6:30 PM   


Boys Gymnastics-Beginners

Monday                     5:30 PM

Boys Gymnastics-Intermediate

Monday                   6:30 PM

Beginning Tumbling for Ages 7 and Up

  Tuesday                    5:30 PM 

 Wednesday               5:30 PM 

 Thursday                               5:30 PM  


Level 2 Tumbling

 Tuesday                    6:30 PM

Wednesday                6:30 PM

Thursday                    6:30 PM

Advanced Tumbling

Monday                           7:30 PM       

Wednesday                          7:30 PM


Beginning Gymnastics or Tumbling/Cheer Classes:

   1  class per week                           $53   monthly fee

   2  classes per week                      $90   monthly fee

Registration Fee   (Family Fee)                     $25

Sibling Discount   $5 off monthly fee


MAKE-UP Class Policy





Benefits of Participation in Gymnastics Programs-Click Here

 "This is How Winners Are Made" -Inspirational Gymnastics Video  


Business Office Hours:


4:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Gym phone:  580-595-9900

If no answer, please call 580-695-2587


Note: Fliptastic periodically sends out e-mails to our parents to keep them informed about make-up classes, special events, or individual information about your child.

If you have not recently updated your current e-mail address with us, please send an e-mail to  Please include your child's name in the e-mail.


How to contact us


Fliptastic Gymnastics/Stars Elite Cheer offer classes in gymnastics, cheerleading, and tumbling for ages 2 and up. Gymnastics is a great activity to foster growth in the fitness ABC's-Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed. - The Original Cheerleading Website Designers

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