Fliptastic Gymnastics is the premiere gymnastics and tumbling progam in SW Oklahoma. We offer classes in gymnastics, cheerleading, and tumbling for ages 2 and up. Gymnastics is a great activity to foster growth in the fitness ABC's-Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed.


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03/12/2016 - Fliptastic Sweeps Lucky Charm Fest


     The Fliptastic Gymnastics team swept all-around honors at the Lucky Charm Fest in Edmond on Friday. The athletes were spread between seven different divisions and brought home all seven titles. Kennedy Biggs, Brooke Strickland and Savannah Layeski led the way with first place finishes on all four events and in the all-around. Jasmine Nelson, Grace Flanagan and Aniyah Rawlins were not far behind taking home the crown on three events and in the all-around. Ariana Harris finished with two event titles and all-around honors in her division. Macie Carter won the balance beam title in her division, while Kelsey Baber tied for first overall in hers. Both the level 3 and level 4 teams also took home the team title. 

     After getting off to a slow start on the balance beam in the first rotation, the team came back strong on floor exercise and vault, with multiple athletes scoring season highs on both events. Fliptastic then rounded out their competition on the uneven bars where the girls ended on a high note. The team did not have an athlete finish outside the top three on uneven bars or floor exercise. 

     The optional team will be back in action this weekend as they head to Jenks for the Oklahoma Optional State Championships. The compulsories will travel to Bartlesville the first weekend of April for their state championship competition. 

Lucky Charm Fest, Full Results:

Level 3
Ariana Harris - Vault 9.4 (1st), Bars 9.325 (1st), Beam 9.075 (2nd), Floor 8.85 (3rd), AA 36.65 (1st)
Isabel Guerra-Burke - Vault 9.1 (4th), Bars 8.85 (3rd), Floor 8.75 (3rd), AA 34.35 (4th)
Kennedy Biggs - Vault 9.35 (1st), Bars 9.175 (1st), Beam 9.175 (1st), Floor 9.375 (1st), AA 37.075 (1st)

Level 4
Karlee Chapman - Vault 8.9 (3rd), Bars 8.9 (3rd), Beam 9.0 (2nd), Floor 9.025 (3rd), AA 35.825 (3rd)
Jasmine Nelson - Vault 9.375 (1st), Bars 9.55 (1st), Beam 8.825 (3rd), Floor 9.425 (1st), AA 37.175 (1st)
Macie Carter - Vault 9.025 (2nd), Bars 8.85 (3rd), Beam 9.10 (1st), Floor 8.525 (3rd), AA 35.50 (3rd)
Aniyah Rawlins - Vault 9.30 (1st), Bars 9.10 (1st), Beam 8.15 (6th), Floor 9.175 (1st), AA 35.725 (1st-T)
Kelsey Baber - Vault 9.0 (3rd), Bars 9.0 (2nd), Beam 8.90 (3rd), Floor 8.825 (2nd), AA 35.725 (1st-T)

Level 5
Brooke Strickland - Vault 9.225 (1st), Bars 8.75 (1st), Beam 9.0 (1st), Floor 8.65 (1st), AA 35.625 (1st)

Level 6
Grace Flanagan - Vault 9.375 (1st), Bars 8.35 (3rd), Beam 9.325 (1st), Floor 9.475 (1st), AA 36.525 (1st)

Savannah Layeski - Vault 9.2 (1st), Bars 8.95 (1st), Beam 9.025 (1st), Floor 8.85 (1st), AA 36.025 (1st)
Kayli Kamont - Vault 8.90 (2nd), Bars 8.95 (1st), Floor 8.65 (2nd), AA 32.65 (2nd)