Fliptastic Gymnastics is the premiere gymnastics and tumbling progam in SW Oklahoma. We offer classes in gymnastics, cheerleading, and tumbling for ages 2 and up. Gymnastics is a great activity to foster growth in the fitness ABC's-Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed.

General Info

Missed Class Policy

The Fliptastic/Stars Elite policy as outlined on the waiver/enrollment forms is that there are no make-ups for missing scheduled class days.

However, I have been trying to schedule 1 make-up class during the same month. 

This may or may not be the exact same class.  For example, you may have a make-up class in tumbling instead of gymnastics. 

This does not carry over to the next month of classes and it has to be approved by the office before attending the class. You must fill out the missed class form to attend the makeup class.

Please come to the office to register if you are elgible for the scheduled make-up class.

Please understand this is not a guarantee that there will be a place for a make-up class and try to attend on your scheduled days. 

Thank You for your understanding,

Randy Boggs